Master Electrician Brad Sudol on the Scourge of Alzheimer’s

January 23, 2018
Looking back on his career and his profession, Bradley Sudol has been a very successful electrician based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s actually a certified master electrician with a specialty in low-voltage wiring, which means he is in high demand these days, with current technology being increasingly reliant on such wiring. Brad also obviously takes working safety seriously, since he has been certified by federal safety agency OSHA. Brad Sudol is also certified to work on fire alarms and NCCER has certified his skills with both electrical and carpentry for nearly a decade.

However, that is just part of his life. When he is not building things and putting in electrical wiring, Brad Sudol spends a lot of his time as a very passionate advocate for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. As of now, there is no cure, but medical science has been working on it for a while, and the progress made on Alzheimer’s has been quite impressive in recent years. There are now treatments available that can help improve or stave off many of the cognitive and behavioral symptoms, thus prolonging a victim’s quality of life.

Brad Sudol, Baseball Blogger

July 12, 2017
While Brad Sudol is a master electrician and one of the best in the Philadelphia area, it is quite possible he’s better known for his writing. You see, Brad happily blogs about the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball. It hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do, but Bradley Sudol loves his team, no matter what, so writing about them is pure pleasure. It doesn’t matter that the Phillies once had the fourth-longest World Series drought in MLB history; when you love a team the way Bradley Sudol does, it’s always fun to consider the possibilities.

In any case, the Phillies’ troubles seem to be in the past. Brad Sudol wants you to know that the modern Phillies are among the most successful teams in recent history. In the modern era, which started with divisional play in 1969, they have won 11 division titles, which places them fourth of the 15 teams in the National League and sixth among all 30 Major League Baseball franchises. They have been especially successful in the 21st Century so far, having won five consecutive divisional titles at one point, as well as a World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays.